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Malnutrition is sexist

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In discussions about lived experience of nutrition, it doesn't take long for issues of gender equality to emerge. Women eating last and least in households is a phenomenon experienced all over the world, linked to both economic factors and cultural norms.

It also...

September Grassroots Conference Call: Nutrition for Growth - it's time to commit!

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In our September grassroots conference call, we focused on the issue of nutrition, with just weeks to go now before the important Nutrition for Growth Summit in early December. But that's not all! With the UN climate conference (COP-26) coming up in Glasgow, there's a great opportunity to use...

Nutrition is a human right

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Being healthy should not be a privilege: health is a fundamental human right. Given that our health depends on being able to eat meals that contain the vital nutrients our bodies need to survive and thrive - nutrition is also a human right, and shouldn’t be reserved to those who are privileged...

The DFID Disability Framework - One Year On

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Today is 3 rd December, the International Day of People with Disabilities, and RESULTS UK is heading to Westminster to celebrate with DFID, donors, the private sector and others. A year ago, DFID launched its first disability framework: a huge win for the many that...

Is positive discrimination the best solution to an unequal society?

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Last week I took part in a debate in the Oxford Union. Not having been at Oxford University myself, this was a pretty amazing experience. Drinks, dinner, photos and finally the debate… We entered a packed chamber, surrounded by busts of past debaters, such as...

ACTION at the Women Deliver Conference 2016

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May 2016 has been an important month, with a number of key summits and meetings accelerating action towards tackling the critical global challenges that face us today. These include the World Humanitarian Summit to mobilise action to...

She Will

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We will, she will: the tagline chosen for the Girls’ Education Forum. It’s positive, empowering and speaks with an effective simplicity that we are often guilty of overlooking. Who will be the person to advance themselves, their society and their country? She Will. But without equity in...

Are we making progress on immunisation equity?

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Last month, the WHO released the official vaccine coverage figures for 2015. Not quite ground breaking news, but for a geeky vaccines policy officer like me this is a day to look forward to. The data tells us how many children missed out on vaccines, providing a statistical update on global...

A step forward for disability and development

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“I am determined to establish DFID as the global leader in this neglected and under prioritised area – people with disabilities must be at the heart of our work to build a more prosperous and secure future, which is in all of our interests. I will be working with governments, NGOs,...

‘The beautiful girl – inside and out – who makes good decisions’

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In a school playing-field outside Musanze in Rwanda’s volcano-dotted Northern Province, a circle of girls in handmade wooden glasses and headdresses are dancing, passing around energetic high-fives and chanting ‘arasobanutse’, ‘she’s smart’ in Kinyarwanda, the local language in Rwanda. It is a...


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