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5 takeaways from this year’s World Health Assembly

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For the 70 th time, global health leaders and decision makers from all 194 Member States gathered in Geneva for the World Health Assembly (WHA) – the annual get together to discuss and drive forward global health policy. As the supreme decision making body of the World Health Organisation (WHO...

4 reasons why the G20 delivered on health and education

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“‘We can achieve more together than by acting alone”.

That’s what the G20 Leaders stated in the outcome document or communique of the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Hamburg last week. In these turbulent times, international solidarity and collaboration is far from easy. However, this deliberate...

Global Immunisation: Reasons to be Optimistic?

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It’s that time of year again! No, not Christmas (but that is just 122 days away…) - time for immunisation geeks like me to blog on the latest immunisation figures. I wrote my first one of these last year, questioning...

On the road to recovery: rebuilding health systems in Liberia

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Last month RESULTS UK led a delegation of four parliamentarians to Liberia to see firsthand how the country is addressing major health challenges after the devastating Ebola outbreak, particularly its high infant mortality and increasing burden of tuberculosis. We were joined by the Chair of the...

Why World AIDS Day continues to matter

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1 December is World AIDS Day. I remember the first time I marked World AIDS Day 15 years ago while I was working at a newspaper in Swaziland, the country which has long had the world’s highest HIV prevalence (proportion of the population who are infected with HIV). It was a day where we could...

Polio Transition – A Missed Opportunity on the path towards UHC?

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How are we going to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC)? This is the focus of this year’s World Health Assembly (WHA) taking place in Geneva from May 21 st -26 th . Since taking office, the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General, Dr. Tedros, has set out ambitious objectives as part...

The economic impact of immunisation: a good deal and the right one

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In 2018 no one should die from diseases that we are able to treat or suffer from illnesses we are able to prevent. But saving lives and preventing unnecessary suffering isn’t only the humane thing to do - it makes sense economically as well.

The UK has been a global leader on...

The World Health Assembly 2018 and what it did for us

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At RESULTS, we are clear about what we do: We use our voices to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty. Every year in Geneva, delegations from the 193 Member States of the World Health Organisation (WHO) gather to discuss health challenges of global significance. This is...

Immunisation – it’s beyond routine, it’s essential.

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A few weeks ago, I visited Shalalake, a small kebele (village) in the Arsi District of Ethiopia. It was around a three-hour drive from the nearest large town and a 5km walk to the nearest health post. The kebele had no clean running water, with people relying on water purification tablets. They...

November grassroots conference call

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A recording of the November grassroots conference call is now online. This month, we were joined by Claire Baudot, Advocacy Manager at Global Health Advocates (GHA) France in Paris. Claire leads the...


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