Blog: Equality

A step forward for disability and development

12 December 2016

“I am determined to establish DFID as the global leader in this neglected and under prioritised area – people with disabilities must be at the heart of our work to build a more prosperous and secure future, which is in all of our interests. I will be working with governments, NGOs, multilaterals, businesses and individuals to ensure that nobody is left behind.”

On Monday 5 th December the Secretary of State of International Development, Priti Patel, made this promising commitment to...

Are we making progress on immunisation equity?

18 August 2016

Last month, the WHO released the official vaccine coverage figures for 2015. Not quite ground breaking news, but for a geeky vaccines policy officer like me this is a day to look forward to. The data tells us how many children missed out on vaccines, providing a statistical update on global progress.

This years WHO press release led with the promising news in 2015 86% of children were...

She Will

15 July 2016

We will, she will: the tagline chosen for the Girls’ Education Forum. It’s positive, empowering and speaks with an effective simplicity that we are often guilty of overlooking. Who will be the person to advance themselves, their society and their country? She Will. But without equity in accessing education then those advancements will stagnate. The message is simple, but the message from the Girls’ Education Forum was loud and clear. We need action.

At the time of writing, more girls...

ACTION at the Women Deliver Conference 2016

3 June 2016

May 2016 has been an important month, with a number of key summits and meetings accelerating action towards tackling the critical global challenges that face us today. These include the World Humanitarian Summit to mobilise action to prevent and tackle humanitarian crises, the World Health Assembly to encourage Ministers of Health to adopt necessary resolutions for...

Is positive discrimination the best solution to an unequal society?

1 February 2016

Last week I took part in a debate in the Oxford Union. Not having been at Oxford University myself, this was a pretty amazing experience. Drinks, dinner, photos and finally the debate… We entered a packed chamber, surrounded by busts of past debaters, such as Gladstone, Roy Jenkins, Michael Heseltine and Edward Heath.

The motion was ‘This house believes positive discrimination is the best solution to an unequal society’ and I...

The DFID Disability Framework - One Year On

3 December 2015

Today is 3 rd December, the International Day of People with Disabilities, and RESULTS UK is heading to Westminster to celebrate with DFID, donors, the private sector and others. A year ago, DFID launched its first disability framework: a huge win for the many that have been fighting for so long to put disability on the development agenda. Today, DFID is launching its updated disability framework. This time round, the Secretary of State, Justine Greening, has...



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