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Putting Immunisation at the Heart of Health Systems

29 April 2016

Vaccines work. 2 to 3 million lives are saved every year through immunisation. That’s pretty extraordinary in itself, right? In fact, it almost seems that this blog could end here with that up-beat, celebratory sentence - 2 to 3 million lives are saved every year. But immunisation is actually much more than saving lives. As our new policy...

Learning Lessons from Zambia on World AIDS Day

1 December 2015

RESULTS UK was delighted to be joined by Kate Osamor MP on our delegation to Zambia this summer. Here, Kate reflects on why we should be incredibly proud of the impact of UK aid this World AIDS Day, and why it’s so important to keep pushing for solutions to a challenge that is still holding back so many countries around the world today.

Kate Osamor, Labour & Co-operative MP for Edmonton and PPS to Jeremy...

UK takes commendable strides in global health

25 November 2015

Global health is a keystone in the fight to end extreme poverty. Simply put, better health leads to better economies. The UK government has done a commendable job allocating its resources towards global health and plays a lead role in the global efforts. The UK now has an opportunity to demonstrate global leadership by encouraging other countries to follow in its global health spending. Action for Global Health (AFGH) released a...

Pneumonia: A Preventable Killer

12 November 2015

As you read this, look at the time. What were you doing an hour ago? In that time, the world has lost 108 children to pneumonia. 16% of under-five global deaths are caused by pneumonia . In the post-neonatal period, the period from one month to fifty-nine months, it is the single biggest killer . However, the statistics can seem impersonal so let’s explore this further. There are 5.9 million children who will die under the age of five this year. 944,000 of them will die from pneumonia. Or,...

The Final Push on Polio – RESULTS London Health for All Event

27 October 2015

London grassroots volunteer Asad Rahman reflects on RESULTS London Health for All event which took pace at University College London last week. Global health can sometimes be a scary place. Infectious disease, such as Malaria and HIV/AIDS, dominate media channels and the popular conscience. More recently the Ebola epidemic in West Africa seemed to confirm – and reinforce – this narrative of doom. With this in mind, it was a breath of fresh air to attend the London RESULTS Group...

Available Now: Financing Health For All Webinar Recording

21 September 2015

Did you miss our Webinar on Financing Health For All on Tuesday? Fear not, a recording of the webinar is now available here: Passcode: RESULTSUK We were joined by Steve Lewis, RESULTS Head of Policy Advocacy and Laura Kerr, Policy Advocacy Officer who shared their insights on financing health and the different models available, why it’s such a worthwhile investment and a case study of...

September conference call recording now available

3 September 2015

We are pleased to share that our September conference call is now available to download. On this month’s call we were joined by Simon Wright, Head of Child Survival at Save the Children, who spoke passionately and honestly about the importance of health system strengthening and how the UK can support developing countries to deliver health for all. To find out what he had to say have a listen to the recording below: [audio mp3="/sites/default/files/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/September-...

Leaving No-one Behind: Realism vs Optimism in Kenya

18 August 2015

The below article by Policy Advocacy Coordinator Laura Kerr originally appeared on . It was included in the 'Leave No-one Behind' blog series which aims to explore how the Sustainable Development Goals can be implemented to include all social and economic groups. The article uses a case study from RESULTS latest report,...

Financing for Development - Who Pays for Progress? New RESULTS UK Report

13 July 2015

Today, one of the most important international conferences of 2015 begins. Decision makers from around the world are meeting in Addis Ababa for the Third International Conference on Financing for Development (FFD3) to decide how we will finance development for the next 15 years. It’s a watershed moment for financing all areas of development and we’re going to be right in the middle of it ensuring that finance for health is top of the agenda!...

Five things you didn’t know about the search for a HIV Vaccine

18 May 2015

[caption id="attachment_15776" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Archbishop Desmond Tutu gets an HIV test[/caption] Developing an HIV vaccine is one of the greatest scientific challenges in history. Leading scientists have dedicated their careers to breaking this enigma -...



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