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World Breastfeeding Week special - what mums have to say!

7 August 2017

Breastmilk; nature’s elixir which combines nutrition, immunology, and nurture in precise proportions for the new born who has just come from the protective womb of a mother.

When done correctly, breastfeeding can save not 10, not 100, not even 1000, but over 800,000 lives every single year – helping young babies survive and thrive by promoting their little brains and bodies to develop rapidly and properly, whilst protecting them from infection. It also has a long lasting protective...

Why the G7 must do more on food security and nutrition

16 March 2017

Lunch hour at work officially starts at 1pm. Unfortunately, I don’t think the stomach and brain understand time. Despite having breakfast this morning, hunger pangs set in around 12:00pm itself. I cave in. No harm in bringing lunch forward by an hour if it means I can work the rest of the afternoon in peace – energized, focused, and functioning at 100%.

Then I think of the 795 million people going hungry who have to get on with their day-to-day activities (including strenuous manual...

March conference call recording now available

10 March 2017

A recording of the March grassroots conference call is now available to download here .

In recent years, the UK government has played an important role in raising the global focus of malnutrition.

Yet around 3 million children still die each year from malnutrition, and the world is way off track to meet global targets for ensuring good nutrition. There is a serious risk that progress in tackling malnutrition will...

Are we doing enough on women's nutrition?

8 March 2017

NO, is the indisputable answer to the question.

Poor nutrition, ill-health, reduced potential, and poverty trap women in a vicious cycle which threatens their survival and blocks the progress they are capable of achieving for themselves, and for society.

Women constitute over 40% of the agricultural labour force in developing countries, but less than 20% of the world’s landholders are women (in some parts of Africa, less than 5%)...

Integrating nutrition and health: Strengthening the evidence through case studies

2 December 2016

This week, RESULTS UK launched its most recent research, Integrating nutrition and health across the Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health continuum ’. Anushree Shiroor, Policy Advocacy Officer (Nutrition), reviews the key findings.

Why is nutrition critical along the RMNCAH continuum? Nutrition requirements are increased particularly during adolescence, pregnancy, lactation, and early childhood to promote growth, good health,...

Why nutrition and health combined? Lessons from Malawi

29 November 2016

Callum Northcote, Policy Advocacy Coordinator, reflects on a recent visit to Malawi to see how nutrition programmes are being integrated into wider health programmes and previews this week's nutrition advocacy tour.

"You cannot tell a hungry child that you gave them food yesterday"

14 October 2016

What are the World Bank Meetings and why do they matter?

Each year, in autumn, the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund host their Annual Meetings in Washington D.C. The meetings bring together thousands of representatives from governments, the media, civil society organisations, parliamentarians, academia, and the private sector, to discuss poverty reduction and economic...

August conference call recording now available

19 August 2016

I’m pleased to share that a recording of the August grassroots conference call is now available to download here .

This month’s call focused on our Healthy Lives campaign and the Nutrition for Growth media moment happening in Rio de Janerio ahead of the Olympic Games. We were joined by special guest speaker Jordan Teague, a Policy Analyst at Bread for the World Institute in Washington, who reminded us of the importance of...

Nutrition for Growth 2016 – the event that wasn’t

5 August 2016

​ The Summer Olympic Games kick off today in Rio de Janeiro, bringing people and nations together through sport. On 4 th August, a day before the grand opening ceremony, another important event was also held in Rio in the side-lines of the Olympics, which was to have paved the way for progress and prosperity for all individuals and nations alike. Who could better understand the importance of good nutrition to promote health, stamina, and potential, than Olympic athletes?

In 2013,...

July conference call recording now available

27 July 2016

I’m pleased to share that a recording of the July grassroots conference call is now available to download here .

This month’s call focused on how we can help end TB for good and the action we are asking you to take ahead of The Global Fund’s fifth replenishment conference, which is writing to your MP to...



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