Blog: Sustainable Development Goals

The World Health Assembly 2018 and what it did for us

26 June 2018

At RESULTS, we are clear about what we do: We use our voices to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty. Every year in Geneva, delegations from the 193 Member States of the World Health Organisation (WHO) gather to discuss health challenges of global significance. This is known as the World Health Assembly (WHA), where political decisions are made that can make progress towards the end of poverty. RESULTS’ staff attended the 71st WHA last month, and worked hard to use...

How do I help make positive change in this crazy world?

8 June 2018

It’s a question that we at RESULTS have asked ourselves over and over during this last year or so. In an increasingly polarised, angry and unsafe world, how do those of us who want to stay positive and keep fighting poverty actually manage to do that, keeping motivated as we go, and achieving real and lasting change?

Do we have to be extraordinary people, with especially clear vision, sense of purpose and drive? Do we need to be super-activists to win against the combined pressure of...

Education that leaves no one behind

24 January 2018

Chris Woodgates, member of our Brighton RESULTS group, discusses the Global Partnership for Education and the importance of educating children with disabilities. Chris is based in Brighton and is currently studying for a BA in Anthropology at the University of Sussex. This blog was first posted on the RESULTS Brighton blog.

RESULTS campaigners...

October conference call

12 October 2017

A recording of the October grassroots conference call is now available. We were joined on the call by Will Worley , a freelance journalist with a strong interest in writing on international development and sustainability issues. Will shared his experience of pitching to the media, with fascinating and invaluable insights into the changing UK local media landscape, and suggested tactics for getting your message across. Well worth...

What's Pneumonia got to do with the Global Goals?

11 November 2016

On #WorldPneumoniaDay 2016, Laura Kerr reminds us how the prevention of one disease can help reduce many preventable child deaths and requires a strong, well functioning health system.

In 2015, 2,500 young lives were lost every single day because of pneumonia.

It is the number one infectious killer of children under 5 and is responsible for 16% of all under 5 deaths globally. Last year this meant that Pneumonia was responsible for more child deaths than...

Education Beyond SDG 4

9 September 2016

It’s the SDG era now, we’ve been hearing that for a year. We’ve changed the ‘M’ for the ‘S’. Millennium for Sustainable. But this change has to be more than a word. It has to transfer into long-lasting, all-encompassing, and self-perpetuating development. Is that not what sustainability is? And if it is, then that means we have to look at the whole package of change rather than the silos of individual goals or targets.

Sustainability is holistic, and the recently launched...

She Will

15 July 2016

We will, she will: the tagline chosen for the Girls’ Education Forum. It’s positive, empowering and speaks with an effective simplicity that we are often guilty of overlooking. Who will be the person to advance themselves, their society and their country? She Will. But without equity in accessing education then those advancements will stagnate. The message is simple, but the message from the Girls’ Education Forum was loud and clear. We need action.

At the time of writing, more girls...

Beyond Aid: Can economic growth and prosperity overcome poverty by 2030?

28 June 2016

At this year's National Conference "International development in a changing world", leading thinkers, campaigners and practitioners came together to debate the most current topics in international development. RESULTS campaigner Charlie Ensor has put together his reflections on what the role of the private sector, governments and institutions are in providing economic opportunities for all and overcoming poverty.

It’s all about the targets!

21 December 2015

Back in August, RESULTS supporters were asked to contact local schools, asking them to take part in the World’s Largest Lesson to promote the new Global Goals . But as RESULTS staff members, have we ourselves got anything to learn about the global goals? Just because you work in an international development organisation that has been promoting the Goals all year, doesn’t mean you have nothing to...

The Eradication of Poverty is Possible and We’re Closer Than Ever

19 October 2015

Saturday 17 th October saw the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty . Whilst the title isn’t that catchy, this UN observance day has been designated to promote awareness of the need to eradicate poverty and destitution in all countries. Poverty eradication is also at the heart of the new Global Goals , with Goal No. 1 aiming to end poverty in all its forms...



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