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Polio video conference call now online

2 May 2017

Polio is endemic in only three countries in the world - Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Ending the disease forever is truly within our grasp - if we can eradicate it everywhere, including the most remote, insecure and hardest to access locations.

Jim Calverley, RESULTS UK's Parliamentary Advocacy Officer (Child Heath) speaks to grassroots campaigners from the UK and Canada about his recent trip taking journalists to northern Nigeria, to witness at first-hand how a polio...

Owning It

26 April 2017

“No child should be denied the right to highly effective preventive interventions for unfair reasons, including economic and social causes. All barriers must be overcome” – Margaret Chan, World Health Organisation (WHO) Director General [1]

How do countries overcome the barriers and challenges to ensure all children receive all WHO recommended vaccines? I think country ownership is key, and today RESULTS UK launches, “...

The Value of Vaccines

24 April 2017

Children shouldn’t die from preventable diseases. Especially not from diseases which we have vaccines which we know can prevent children suffering from diseases such as polio and measles. Vaccines save lives and are one of the best buys in public health.

I would say that though, it’s my job to champion vaccines.

But when one in seven children still do not receive even the most basic vaccines and approximately 1.5 million children die every year from vaccine preventable...

Political Leadership for Immunisation: The Addis Declaration on Immunisation One Year On

27 February 2017

Conferences. How many have you been to which were boring and pointless? All too often you will meet like-minded people, maybe make some useful connections through networking, have some nice chats, and drink a lot of tea and coffee.

Attending a conference can be a useful way to develop your own knowledge, but in development (and I’m sure with many other things) learning and talking to those with similar interests and views doesn’t necessarily have an impact.

But when Ministers...

January conference call recording now available

18 January 2017

A recording of the January grassroots conference call is now available to download here .

With only 3 countries in the world – Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan – recording polio cases last year, there is real hope in 2017 that the disease can be eradicated for good. This month’s action focuses on the importance of ensuring the UK government does all it can to support the...

Polio: the only way is eradication

24 October 2016

On World Polio Day, Jim Calverley looks at recent developments in the fight against polio and warns against complacency.

The 3 recent cases of polio in the north eastern state of Borno, Nigeria serve as a timely reminder. A reminder that, not only is the polio eradication programme working in some of the most challenging, conflict-affected areas on earth, but that every country must continue to remain vigilant against polio. To do otherwise risks jeopardising the huge...

Reflections on immunisation in Uganda

8 September 2016

Sat on a mother’s lap under a tree, a baby cries out loudly and sharply. He doesn't care about the surrounding crowd or the other twenty babies waiting and watching with their mothers. The most important thing he doesn't know or care about right then is that his life has just been changed forever. He has just received a round of his routine immunisations. Painful though the injections might be, he is now much less likely to catch one of the many vaccine preventable diseases which still kill...

Are we making progress on immunisation equity?

18 August 2016

Last month, the WHO released the official vaccine coverage figures for 2015. Not quite ground breaking news, but for a geeky vaccines policy officer like me this is a day to look forward to. The data tells us how many children missed out on vaccines, providing a statistical update on global progress.

This years WHO press release led with the promising news in 2015 86% of children were...

Polio returns to Nigeria

12 August 2016

11 August 2016 would have marked two years since the last case of polio on the African continent. Shortly before what was gearing up to be a landmark date, wild poliovirus was detected in two children from the north eastern state of Borno, Nigeria. The area has seen conflict and insecurity in the recent past and outbreaks in these situations are not unheard of. There are proven strategies in place to address these situations but it is a timely reminder that every country needs to remain...

No epidemic has been ended without a vaccine

18 May 2016

Today is International HIV Vaccine Awareness Day.

Despite the progress that has been made to date, HIV remains one of the deadliest infectious killers: in 2014 the epidemic killed 1.2 million people, while a further 2 million contracted HIV. It is clear there is a long way to go before we realise Global Goals’ target 3.3 to end the epidemic by 2030.

Indeed, while critically important, existing tools are unlikely to end HIV and AIDS. Even with a massive scale-up of current and...



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