“Transparency can help give back the dignity of the people”

17 June 2013

A blog post by Steve Lewis, RESULTS Head of Global Health Advocacy

“We need to raise our voices”, said Baaba Maal, African singer superstar, “people have been too silent. We need to show the G8 leaders that there are many of us, and we are tired of being deceived”. His words reflected a common concern, as Global leaders fly in to Ireland for the G8 summit, that promises are made and...

"There's no reason in my country for a child to be hungry"

15 June 2013

A blog post by Steve Lewis, RESULTS Head of Global Health Advocacy,

Under the rain-filled skies, and the noise of police helicopters, there was a moment this morning when I doubted the wisdom of coming to Belfast for the G8 rally. But it has been a fine day, listening to live music and talking with activists from Africa about the intertwined links between hunger,...

Ending Tax Havens Will Free Up Funds For Nutrition

15 June 2013

RESULTS in Belfast in the run-up to the G8

This is a post from Steve Lewis, RESULTS Head of Global Health Advocacy

As I travelled to Belfast this morning I reflected on what has been a busy week for those working to combat the scourge of undernutrition across the world. Last Saturday the UK government hosted a ‘Nutrition for Growth’ summit, where donors pledged up to $4.1 billion to...

Nutrition for Growth Pledges: A great start but more is needed

13 June 2013

This is a post from RESULTS UK’s Nutrition Advocacy Assistant, Sabrina de Souza.

It was a fantastic achievement. For decades we have known about the devastating impacts of hunger and undernutrition, yet for the first time in history leaders from all over the world united specifically around nutrition. With the commitments made we now have the potential to save 1.7 million lives...

Guest Blog Post: Naquita from the South Wales group reflects on her day at The Big IF

12 June 2013

Hi, my name is Naquita and I’m a member of the South Wales RESULTS group. I’ve only just joined the group and I was really fortunate to join in time for me to attend the Big IF event in Hyde Park on Saturday 8 th June, which was also my first activity with RESULTS UK.

The day for myself and Rob, the Group Leader in Cardiff, started really early with us getting a train up to London at 7:25am! Once we got to...

What do you need to make a successful summit?

12 June 2013

Yesterdays Nutrition summit has been hailed as a breakthrough in the fight against undernutrition. These photos show some of the elements that contributed to that success.

Paul Polmore , CEO of UNILEVER, who provided backing and the venue for the event. He has been one of the strongest Private Sector figures supporting international development. UNILEVER made a raft of pledges, for example the commitment to...

RESULTS welcomes Megan Wilson-Jones to the team

11 June 2013

Hi everyone, my name is Megan Wilson-Jones and I have just started at RESULTS UK as a health advocacy officer. I will be focusing on advocacy around Child Survival and helping to coordinate this work with other cross-cutting themes at RESULTS, including the work around immunizations, TB and nutrition.

Before joining RESULTS, I worked at the Liverpool School of...

Last Post from the Summit - Good pledges but Children can't wait

8 June 2013

Its all over bar the counting...

The numbers came in a rush at the end. Euros, dollars, pounds. New money and old money. Some for one year, others are a seven year pledge. Big numbers for a big problem.

Justine Greening from DFID took the stage and announced an additional £375m in core funding, and £280m of matched funds from 2013 to 2020. A group of technical people are now in a huddle trying to work out what other pledes are new or old, ‘catalytic’ or guaranteed. Ms...

Live Blog - Final Speeches, Bill Gates

8 June 2013

The Gates Foundation has commited to spend $500 million on nutrition through 2020, of which $100 is new money.




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