May Focus Call Annouced

15 May 2013

We are pleased to annouce that the May focus call will take place on the 21st May at 7pm.

Following your fantastic efforts last year to raise the issue of disability and education around the London 2012 Paralympic Games, this months call will be an opportunity to discuss some of the latest updates on our advocacy on education and disability as well as what's coming up this year, including... Calling for DfID to prioritise children with disabilities in their education programmes The...

Urgent News on Mr Mkoko from ‘They Go To Die’

13 May 2013

Yesterday, Jonathan Smith, epidemiologist and director of ‘They Go To Die’, received news that the only surviving miner in the film-Mr Mkoko-has been hospitalised with tuberculosis again.To find out more about Mr Mkoko’s condition and what you can do to help, have a read of this personal message from Jonathan Smith and share with your networks. Our thoughts and messages of support go out to Mr Mkoko and his family during this difficult time.

This week I received a call from Nozipho...

As I live below the line I wonder: Has hunger's time come?

9 May 2013

I have just been talking with my colleague Tom about the content of this blog. We were discussing the tone that so many Live Below the Line blogs take and we felt that they followed something of a formula: a description of the challenge; trepidation at the thought of five days without enough food; first day blues; caffeine withdrawal; mid-week slump; frustration at a lack of food options; end of week morale boost; reflection on the challenge; comments on how the challenge has changed the participants life.

Recording of May conference call now available

9 May 2013

We are pleased to announce that a recording of the April conference call is now available for download.

The Grameen Bank under threat in Bangladesh

7 May 2013

Many discussions about microfinance begin with the same story. It’s the story of a Bangladeshi economics lecturer who had a novel but compelling idea, and how the organisation he created, the Grameen Bank, became one of the world’s foremost socially-oriented financial institutions. As you read this a new chapter is being written in this story, where the Bangladeshi government looks at loopholes in the Grameen’s founding statutes as a way to seize control of its finances. In doing so the...

Undernutrition and Malaria: A Vicious Circle

7 May 2013

Malaria and malnutrition are closely related, as malaria usually affect families that are both poor and malnourished. The months of the ‘hunger gap’, when malnutrition is at its peak, often coincides with the rainy season, when mosquitoes breed and the number of malaria cases shoots up. The diseases combine in a vicious circle: malnourished children have weak immune systems, so their bodies are less able to fight diseases such as malaria, while children sick with malaria are more likely to...

Guest Blog: A Call For History Makers

3 May 2013

Todays guest blog post is brought to you by Endalkachew Demmiss , author of 'The Mystery of God’s will'.

In 2004, I was a bed-ridden multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) patient and missed class for more than two years. Before 2008, the medications were not available in Ethiopia. During those days, patients like myself were isolated in small rooms, waiting for their death due to the lack of access to...

Advocacy day trip to an AIDS vaccine lab, as described one who was there

2 May 2013

On the last day of our National Conference, we spent a very enjoyable and informative morning at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, as we visited the prestigious Human Immunology Laboratory (HIL).

Live Below the Line: the challenge so far

1 May 2013

We are now half way through the Live Below the Line challenge. In this guest blog post from Frances Hague, group leader of the Newcastle RESULTS group, Frances reflects on the challenge so far and what meals she has been making. Have a read and share with your friends.

Day 1

I'm nervous and excited for the start of LBTL today - and so pleased with how many lovely people have sponsored me!

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May Action Announced

1 May 2013

Despite the focus on hunger and poverty in the MDGs, under nutrition remains a problem of almost unimaginable proportions. In 2010 it was estimated that 925 million people in developing countries were suffering from some form of under nutrition- that’s up from 824 million in 1990.

There are many causes of this problem: an unfair global food system that favours large scale industrial food production over...




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