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Fund Global Education!

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Ensuring every child gets a quality education is a building block for creating a fairer world. Despite this, millions of children still don’t receive the education they deserve. This past year, COVID-19 has interrupted school everywhere – and could mean a permanent end to learning for 20 million...

Help fund education for all

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Today, 264 million children and young people are not in school; and millions more are attending school but not learning. Lack of a high-quality education is preventing millions of people around the world from escaping the cycle of poverty. Weak education systems and poor quality teaching often...

Opportunities to shape the world

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2017 saw RESULTS campaigners working on many important issues, from funding global education, to tackling antimicrobial resistance and tuberculosis, and ensuring that DFID remains a global leader on nutrition and education. Your efforts helped secure £100 million from the UK government to help...

Education counts

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Education is vital to ensure that children grow up to be independent and productive members of society, able to look after themselves and their families. Yet in too many lower income countries, children don’t have access to even a basic education, and as things stand, the world will not meet...

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