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Nutrition for Growth: It’s time to commit.

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This year is an important one for our advocacy together on nutrition. 2021 is the Nutrition for Growth (N4G) year of action, with the N4G Summit coming up in December – a chance for countries to make new financial commitments to ensure that programmes tackling malnutrition continue to be funded...

Commit to global nutrition now!

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Malnutrition is linked to 45% of deaths of children under 5 and is the single biggest risk factor in deaths of women globally. Rates of malnutrition are rising amidst the pandemic, and at the same time, the UK’s funding for nutrition has been cut drastically.

Now is...

Healthy lives and thriving societies

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In recent years, the UK Government has played an important role in raising the global focus on malnutrition, a development challenge that leads to millions of unnecessary child deaths and wasted human potential, but one that is entirely preventable.

There’s a serious risk that...

Join the Food Revolution for Healthy Lives

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Good nutrition is critical for a healthy and productive life. This month, we are launching our “Healthy Lives” campaign, asking you to run a local ‘Healthy Lives’ event, if possible in conjunction with Jamie Oliver’s ‘Food revolution’ which works to educate, inspire and empower people worldwide about the importance of good nutrition.

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