News: 2016

Last year, the world signed up to the Global Goals, an ambitious but achievable agenda for...

29 Nov 2016

New figures released by the World Health Organisation this month show that tuberculosis, the...

25 Oct 2016

For the two billion people around the world who depend on smallholder farming for their...

27 Sep 2016

Brexit has put Britain’s place in the world in the spotlight. One of the ways in which the UK...

31 Aug 2016

We have made progress in tackling global hunger, yet we live in a world where malnutrition...

26 Jul 2016

On September 16 in Montreal, Canada, the international community will come together to pledge resources to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria for the next three years. This is the first big test of the world’s commitment to the new Global Goals. Ambitious pledges from donors such as the UK will enable the Global Fund to really get moving on reaching the aim of ending these three epidemics by 2030.

29 Jun 2016

UK Aid saves a life every 2 minutes. From giving 13.2 million people access to...

13 May 2016

For the two billion people around the world who depend on smallholder farming for their livelihoods, extreme weather can push them into poverty. Climate risk insurance (CRI) is a tool that can help people build their resilience, plan their future and recover when disaster strikes.

27 Apr 2016

Good nutrition is critical for a healthy and productive life. This month, we are launching our “Healthy Lives” campaign, asking you to run a local ‘Healthy Lives’ event, if possible in conjunction with Jamie Oliver’s ‘Food revolution’ which works to educate, inspire and empower people worldwide about the importance of good nutrition. 

8 Apr 2016

The impacts of climate change are being felt across the world, particularly by the poorest communities, including the two billion people dependent on smallholder farming. Insurance can be one important way to help people like smallholder farmers protect their livelihoods from increasingly severe and frequent extreme weather events.

1 Mar 2016


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