Quizzing candidates on global poverty

3 March 2015

We’re now just two months away from a life-changing election, one which will affect all of us for years to come. This month, we’re focussing on hustings! Hustings are a chance for you – constituents, voters - to ask all the local candidates standing to be your MP questions in a public setting, to help you make up your minds who you agree with and who to vote for on election day.

For RESULTS' campaigners, hustings are an ideal opportunity to get an understanding of how supportive your candidates are of UK aid and what their approach would be, if elected as your MP. Not only do you find out which candidates are already champions and which you need to work more closely with to persuade, it is also a chance to ensure that candidates are open about their views on development and make public commitments to aid, if this is part of their agenda. To find out more about how you can make the most of hustings in your area, check out this months action materials.     

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