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March 24th marks the 19th annual World TB Day (WTBD). WTBD commemorates the date in 1882 when Dr Robert Koch first discovered the bacilli that causes TB.

13 Mar 2014

Education for all is at a critical moment. While some great progress has been made, there are still 57 million primary age children out of school around the world. A further 69 million adolescents are unable to attend lower secondary school, and around 250 million children in school are not learning basic skills, even though half of them have spent at least four years in school. Meanwhile, global spending on education is declining just when it is needed most.

7 Feb 2014

This February, the great and the good of the African mining world will come together for their annual 'Indaba' in Cape Town South Africa for the regions largest industry investment conference.This represents a once in a generation moment to mobilise the vital political will needed to drive real, lasting change for millions of miners and their families.

2 Jan 2014

2013 has been another really successful year for us here at RESULTS. This month we are going to be sharing in our successes of the past 12 months and taking time together to look ahead at our opportunities and campaigns for 2014.

3 Dec 2013

On June 8th 2013, RESULTS was celebrating the success of the ‘Nutrition for Growth’ event; world leaders had come together in London and pledged $4.1 billion for tackling the global scourge of undernutrition, with the UK alone promising £655 million in new money.

1 Nov 2013

Health workers are the life blood of a health system. Without them, babies cannot be delivered safely; vaccines cannot be administered; family planning cannot be provided; and TB and HIV testing and treatment cannot be carried out. It is estimated that there is a global shortage of four million health workers.

2 Oct 2013

Tuberculosis is not just a threat to developing countries; nearly every single country in the world has some reported incidence of the disease. This airborne disease doesn't respect national boundaries or discriminate by class, gender or ethnicity. As the old saying goes 'TB anywhere is TB everywhere'. The UK is no more protected against TB than any other country and, in fact, rates of the disease have been rising here year on year since the mid 1970's. With over 9000 new cases of the disease every year, the UK has been described as 'the TB capital of Western Europe'.

20 Sep 2013

We have been campaigning on the issue of TB among Southern Africa's goldminers for the past 18 months, advocating for a strong regional response supported by international actors like the UK and the World Bank. In that time we have seen some amazing progress, with real political will being committed by the heads of the state in the region, the UK announcing new funding for a project to tackle the issue and the World Bank undertaking economic analysis of the issue.

6 Aug 2013

Last year, the UK made us proud by hosting the best Paralympic Games ever. It’s almost a year later, and there are signs of real progress in the UK Government’s efforts to reach disabled children through their education aid programmes.

4 Jul 2013

Over the past 10 years, the UK Government, using money raised through taxation, has giving over £1 billion to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.That support has enabled the Global Fund to support over 1000 programs in 151 countries.

4 Jun 2013


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