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Polio Endgame - The risks and opportunities for polio transition and integration

Polio Endgame - The risks and opportunities for polio transition and integration (briefing)

Since efforts to eradicate polio began in 1988, the world has made remarkable progress; reducing the number of cases by over 99%. With the WHO African region...

The changing nature of UK aid in Ghana, a case study on Transition


In February 2020, the Independent Commission for aid Impact (ICAI) submitted a country portfolio review of the UK Government’s strategic objectives to Transition their development partnership beyond aid in Ghana. This review looks at how the UK Government’s support for Ghana is changing, and...

Progress in Peril? The Changing Landscape of Global Health Financing


As economies have grown in many low-income countries, governments increasingly face “transition”–the reduction of external financing typically over a period of two to five years, on the assumption that the government will then fully self-finance the health programs that had been supported by...

Leaving no one behind? Considering the Impact of Donor Transition


The MDG period saw dramatic progress for many of the world’s poorest, and UK aid played a vital role in this accomplishment. Simultaneously, economic growth more than halved the number of Low-Income countries. However, more people living in poverty now reside in middle income countries than any...

Transition - A Missed Opportunity


Only 7% children in the world’s poorest countries receive all 11 WHO recommended vaccines. Despite impressive progress on global immunisation coverage rates, too many children are still being left behind. Polio transition poses a unique opportunity to reinforce immunisation systems and turn a...

Responding to Global Health Transitions: A Call to Action


In the coming years the global health financing landscape will change dramatically and this could have significant impact on health systems and access to quality health care. In this call to action and policy briefing, ACTION, RESULTS UK and the UN Foundation jointly highlight the main...

Polio Transition Planning: Assessing Country Progress, Risks and Ambition


Global polio funding is changing and countries have been developing plans to ensure they can continue essential polio and immunisation systems when funding ends. RESULTS UK and ACTION have reviewed the seven publicly available country polio transition plans to assess progress on transition...

Leaving no one behind? Considering the impact of donor transition


UK aid saves millions of lives each year, making the world healthier, more peaceful and prosperous. As a result, more countries are moving from low- to middle-income status. Transition is the process whereby donors reduce or change the type of support they provide to a country, often based on...

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