From Investment to Impact: Meeting DFID's 50 million commitment on nutrition

11 October 2017

In 2015, the UK government committed to improving the nutrition for 50 million individuals by 2020.  Even though the 2017 general election led to a change in leadership, DFID are committed to reaching this target. So far, DFID have only been reporting the 'reach' of their nutrition-relevant programmes, as opposed to nutrition improvement resulting from these. However, in 2016 they developed a nuanced methodology based on 'intensity of nutrition reach' (high, medium, or low) as a proxy measure of nutrition impact. 

This joint report by RESULTS UK, Concern Worldwide (UK), WaterAid (UK) and Action Against Hunger (UK) analyses DFID's nutrition relevant programmes since they made the commitment in 2015, against their own nuanced methodology to assess the potential for these programmes to deliver the highest possible nutrition impact, thus meeting their 50 million target. 
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