Want to volunteer with an organisation working to end poverty globally?

We’re looking for Group Leaders in Oxford, Bristol and Edinburgh! 

Who are we?

RESULTS is an international development advocacy organisation. That means we guide policy-makers and key decision makers towards decisions that improve access to education, health, and economic opportunities in the poorest communities. Find out more about our campaigns and how we work.

At the heart of RESULTS are our campaigners — people from all walks of life who want to make a difference. Our campaigners take local action to fight global poverty – using their voices to change the world.

Our network consists of campaign groups in cities around the UK. They receive training and support to become skilled advocates, ranging from how to influence MPs, to becoming an expert on global issues.

Every month we share materials that introduce the campaigns we are working on. These explain why the issue matters and what exactly you can do to make a difference.

RESULTS campaigner speaks with parliamentarianWhat will my responsibilities be as a Group leader?

1. You will work locally to recruit members for your group (with our support) and inspire them to get involved!

2. You will organise a monthly meet-up for the group, and join the network-wide conference calls once a month.

3. You will take action on one of our campaigns each month, whether it’s writing to your MP, writing a blog or holding a stall at a local event.

4. You’ll keep in touch with RESULTS staff and let them know what campaigning you’ve been up to.

How much time will I need to commit?

The minimum time commitment is just a few hours a month, enough to organise a group meeting, join our conference call and work on the monthly campaign action. But you are free to invest more time if you’d like to! Ideally you’d be able to commit to the role for at least six months.

Do I need any particular experience?

RESULTS grassroots campaigners are people from all walks of life who want to make a difference - so you don’t need any specific experience. You will however need to be a people person with an interest in global issues.


What we offer:

  • One-to-one support from your main contact from the RESULTS campaigns team.
  • Monthly conference calls with expert speakers on the issues we work on.
  • Training and events to help you with your campaigning.
  • Campaign guides, materials and background information every month.
  • Travel reimbursement and a small budget for putting on events and activities.

What else will I get out of the role?

  • You will contribute to global campaigns to end poverty.
  • You’ll gain knowledge on our issue areas within International Development; including global health, nutrition and global education.
  • You’ll gain experience in campaigning strategies and tactics.
  • You will develop your leadership skills and gain experience in event management, network coordination, influencing and lobbying, writing and social media.
  • You’ll be part of an exciting and established network of campaigners across the UK.

Nature of the role: Voluntary and flexible.

Please apply by getting in touch with Ruthie via join@results.org.uk with some information about yourself. Use the subject line, "Group Leader in X" with the city you're based in.

Tell us what you think makes a good leader what you can bring to the role (no more than 300 words).

What happens next?

We will be in touch via email to arrange a phone call / informal interview.

(If you are interested in this role but live elsewhere in the UK please let us know on join@results.org.uk)


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