0.7% Act: We Did It!

2 April 2015

Development campaigners in the UK last month received possibly the most exciting news for the past 45 years: spending 0.7% of UK national income on overseas aid has now become law after Parliament passed the ‘International Development (Official Development Assistance Target) Act’!

This is a fantastic achievement. It takes the question of how much the UK should spend on aid off the table and allows Parliamentarians to focus on how best to spend that 0.7% to save lives and end poverty. This means more effective and efficient aid, reaching those who need it most, and the continuation of UK leadership on global development. Our job as campaigners now is to make the most of this historic announcement! That’s why this month we’re asking you to tell your candidates the good news, highlight the success at Hustings and raise the profile of international development in your local media. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase just how important UK aid is and how proud we are that MPs and Peers came together to commit to its continuation. Let’s make the most of it!

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