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Polio: A Proper Goodbye

7 July 2020

The world is on the verge of eradicating polio completely, but it is important that we do not become complacent and allow a resurgence of polio to occur.

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant life-saving polio immunisation efforts have been halted, despite the fact that many countries were already at risk of the disease returning. However, this can, and must be prevented, and the global eradication effort also presents a unique opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in the fight against...

Seizing the Opportunity: Recommendations for Gavi 5.0

30 June 2020

After the success of the Global Vaccine Summit 2020, we turn our attention to Gavi 5.0, which between 2021-2025 will aim to immunise an additional 300 million children with an emphasis of reaching children left furthest behind.

To maximise the impact of Gavi 5.0, we require renewed and improved policies on equity, transition, CSO engagement and access, whilst making tangible commitments to ensuring the immunisation lies at heart of efforts to strengthen Primary Health Care (...

The changing nature of UK aid in Ghana, a case study on Transition

29 May 2020

In February 2020, the Independent Commission for aid Impact (ICAI) submitted a country portfolio review of the UK Government’s strategic objectives to Transition their development partnership beyond aid in Ghana. This review looks at how the UK Government’s support for Ghana is changing, and assesses how UK aid in Ghana has been reoriented since 2011 to reflect and support this Transition.

In this case study, RESULTS UK has explored the evaluation made by ICAI, to analyse the impact...

Nutrition: The key to unlocking UK aid's impact

23 January 2020

In 2018, 5.3 million children under the age of five died, with undernutrition being the a key cause in nearly half those deaths. At the same time, low- and middle-income countries are wintessing a rise in child overweight and obesity. One in three children globally suffers from one or more forms of the triple-burden of malnutrition - undernutrition, mirconutrient deficiencies, and overweight and obesity. In October 2019, the Secretary of State for International Developmet recommitted to...

How have you helped change the world in 2019?

23 December 2019

Despite facing an uncertain political landscape this year, RESULTS has helped to achieve some remarkable wins that will make a real difference to the lives of people living in poverty. Thank you for everything!

Tuberculosis and Universal Health Coverage

25 October 2019
Tuberculosis and Universal Health Coverage: A Policy Report from Kenya and 31 other countries

22 year old Boars (left) sits outside his cobbler shop with Stanislaus, his community health worker. Image: Rachael Hore

This report aims to define what provision of TB services in “the context of progress towards UHC” looks like in practice, and to what extent the recognition of the co-dependency of ending TB and achieving UHC at international fora like the UN and WHO translates to action...

A Quick Guide to Brick by Brick: Accelerating Progress on Global Health

27 August 2019
A Quick Guide to Brick by Brick: Accelerating Progress on Global Health

The UN High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage is just around the corner, and it couldn’t come at a more opportune time. Progress is stalling or not happening fast enough in many critical areas of global health and, in many cases, our approach isn’t holistic enough, working in siloes and neglecting key interventions like nutrition that make our interventions less impactful and less sustainable.


Leaving no one behind? Considering the impact of donor transition

19 June 2019

UK aid saves millions of lives each year, making the world healthier, more peaceful and prosperous. As a result, more countries are moving from low- to middle-income status. Transition is the process whereby donors reduce or change the type of support they provide to a country, often based on economic indicators. But these indicators don’t take health standards, inequality or a government’s budgetary and technical capacity into account. With multiple donors withdrawing funding simultaneously...

Brick by Brick: Accelerating Progress on Global Health

10 June 2019

While acknowledging exceptional progress on global health, RESULTS remains concerned that progress is stalling or not happening fast enough in many critical areas of health. Further, global approaches to health frequently miss out the underlying cause of over 45% of all child deaths and many more issues throughout the lifecourse - undernutrition.

With a number of health financing moments in 2019 and 2020, where Global Fund, the GPEI, Gavi and the Nutrition for Growth Summit...

A Global Leader: The UK's role in ending malnutrition

24 April 2019

Malnutrition is caused by having key nutrients missing from your diet. It is responsible for more ill health than any other cause. Malnutrition prevents vaccines from working and devastates immune systems. This can cause death, lifelong serious illness and dramatically hinders the ability for countries and communities to develop economically. The good news is that malnutrition is preventable and treatable - and 2020 will be a key moment in the fight to end it once and for all.

The UK...


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