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Polio Endgame - The risks and opportunities for polio transition and integration

11 August 2021
Polio Endgame - The risks and opportunities for polio transition and integration (briefing)

Since efforts to eradicate polio began in 1988, the world has made remarkable progress; reducing the number of cases by over 99%. With the WHO African region being certified free of wild poliovirus as of August 2020, wild polio now remains in two...

Polio: A Proper Goodbye

7 July 2020

The world is on the verge of eradicating polio completely, but it is important that we do not become complacent and allow a resurgence of polio to occur.

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant life-saving polio immunisation efforts have been halted, despite the fact that many countries were already at risk of the disease returning. However, this can, and must be prevented, and the global eradication effort also presents a unique opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in the fight against...

Seizing the Opportunity: Recommendations for Gavi 5.0

30 June 2020

After the success of the Global Vaccine Summit 2020, we turn our attention to Gavi 5.0, which between 2021-2025 will aim to immunise an additional 300 million children with an emphasis of reaching children left furthest behind.

To maximise the impact of Gavi 5.0, we require renewed and improved policies on equity, transition, CSO engagement and access, whilst making tangible commitments to ensuring the immunisation lies at heart of efforts to strengthen Primary Health Care (...

Polio Transition Planning: Assessing Country Progress, Risks and Ambition

25 January 2019

Global polio funding is changing and countries have been developing plans to ensure they can continue essential polio and immunisation systems when funding ends. RESULTS UK and ACTION have reviewed the seven publicly available country polio transition plans to assess progress on transition planning and to highlight risks, challenges, and ambition within the polio transition process. The review focuses at country-level as it is the decisions made here that impact most on whether children are...

The Next Decade of Vaccines: Addressing the challenges that remain to achieving vaccinations for all

15 January 2019

Vaccines not only save lives but are central to global health security and are a fundamental component for achieving several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. But despite the known value of vaccines and great advances in research and development, millions...

Transition - A Missed Opportunity

21 May 2018

Only 7% children in the world’s poorest countries receive all 11 WHO recommended vaccines. Despite impressive progress on global immunisation coverage rates, too many children are still being left behind. Polio transition poses a unique opportunity to reinforce immunisation systems and turn a situation with great risk into one that leaves a positive legacy on child and global health. It is an opportunity that cannot be missed. The WHO Strategic Action Plan (the Plan) must set out how the WHO...

A Balancing Act: risks and opportunities as polio and its funding disappears

13 November 2017

As the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) winds down, the 16 countries that receive 95% of GPEI’s support will face significant challenges from decreased funding over the next three years. Addressing and overcoming these challenges must be an urgent political priority which, if left unresolved, could have a devastating effect on immunisation and health systems.

Using case studies from Nigeria and Pakistan, A Balancing Act explores country-specific and global...

Owning It: Turning immunisation commitments into action

26 April 2017
Immunisation rates are higher than they have ever been, reaching 86% in 2015. However, one in seven children are still missing out of the most basic vaccines and many more are missing out on the full range of recommended vaccines. In 2012 all WHO member states agreed to ambitious immunisation goals to drive global progress towards universal immunisation coverage, but as we stand in 2017, we are dramatically off track. How can country ownership can help turn immunisation commitments into action...

From Donor Funding to Domestic Leaders

9 January 2017

We will only achieve universal immunisation when countries themselves prioritise and take ownership of their immunisation programmes. Dedicated, long term, and sustainable domestic finance as part of an increasing health budget, Government leadership, and efficient programme and policy and implementation, are the key components of country ownership and reaching every child with all WHO recommended vaccines.

In this short briefing, we focus on the role of political will in driving...

One Last Push

29 April 2016

One Last Push, Steps to Eradicate polio by 2019, examines the progress that has been made in eradicating polio to date and seeks to understand the challenges of the future in completing the job. It looks at the financial requirements to implement the Polio Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan and how it is proposed that money will be spent. The UK’s role and the context of the UK Aid Strategy are also discussed in the report.


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